Apple releases iPhoto and OSX Updates

On Tuesday, Apple released a minor update to iPhoto and a signifigent update to OSX in version 10.4.9. The iPhoto update addresses issues associated with EXIF data compatibility and Photocasting. While the OSX update covers the following: The 10.4.9 Update is recommended for PowerPC and Intel-based Mac computers currently running Mac OS X Tiger version […]

OS X QuickTip: Resize the Dock

Some people love the Dock…some people hate it. I happen to like the Dock quite a bit. I like having large icons at the bottom of the screen to easily find the applications thatI use the most…BUT…sometimes I need more onscreen realestate. So, the simplest thing to do would be to resize the Dock. I […]

OS X QuickTip: Faster Full Name Viewing

If you’re like me, when you use the Finder, you use it in list view.  It’s essentially the only view I can tolerate, but there is one problem with it that I run into constantly. Most of the time the names of documents are two long to be viewed completely. That’s not a big deal […]

Software Spotlight: Feeder

If it’s one thing that I’ve learned from the problems I’ve had getting the podcast delivered this week, it’s that I don’t know enough about RSS feeds.  Luckily, however, I found this solution from Reinvented Software.  Feeder is an application for building, editing, and publishing RSS feeds on OSX. The interface is very similar to […]

Widget Watch: LoanCalc

This is a little widget that you might not need all the time, but is good to have access to when you need it. It’s called LoanCalc, and it does just what you would think it does. It helps you figure out what a monthly payment will be after figuring interest, term length, and the […]

OS X Quick Tip: Drag and Drop Desktop Printing

Want to print a document directly from your desktop without even opening the application? Here’s how you do it. Open System Preferences>Print & Fax Then click ther Printer Setup button, then press Command-L to show the Printer List dialog.  Click on the printer you would like to use, then go up to the menu bar […]

OSX Quick Tip: Spotlight Keyboard Shortcuts

 Need an even quicker way to open up Spotlight? Just hit the keyboard shortcut: +Space Bar and you can start typing away to find whatever it is you’re looking for. Do you have a Quicktip for OS X that you’d like to share? Click Here to send it in! Be sure and include the URL […]

Bartas Technologies releases Temporis 1.0.1

Bartas Technologies released an update of their Temporis time line creation software on Monday. I haven’t had a chance to look at Temporis yet, but I’m going to very shortly because I find the application intriguing. The app helps you to easily create time lines, which could very useful to people working on research papers, […]

New Leopard Screenshots

Think Secret has a new set of screenshots from Apple’s upcoming OS. Among the screenshots are a look at the terminal window with tabs, some of the new screensavers in Leopard, and the new icons for X11 and the Terminal. Think Secret is also still holding tight to the idea that Leopard will be released […]

OSX Quick Tip: Private Browsing in Safari

Today’s Quick Tip couldn’t be simplier, but it’s a feature that alot of people seem to either forget, or not know about. In Safari, you can browse the web in absolute privacy (i.e. – with no trace of where you have gone on your computer: nothing is added to the history, autofill, downloads window, and […]