Top 5 Apple Designs of All Time

If it’s one thing Apple has always been great at, it’s design. Without Apple’s continously innovative design, the company probably wouldn’t still exist…it certainly wouldn’t be the dominating force that it is today. In celebration of the design teams that have built so many great Apple products, and the designs themselves, Apple Gazette is pleased […]

Leopard coming in June! Wha…really?!?! I’m SHOCKED!!!

I’m sorry, I just can’t contain myself. I’ve been trying to avoid posting it all day, but I just can’t. Think Secret has an EXCLUSIVE REPORT on how Leopard is going to be coming out in June. Ya know…when everyone already said it would. Almost every Apple-related site has been saying this for MONTHS, including […]

RUMOR: Apple to Reveal Multi-touch in Leopard at NAB

usr/bin/geek claims to have information confirmed by several “others close to key Apple employees” that Apple will be unveiling a Top Secret Leopard feature at NAB – Multi-touch displays. From the article: As part of this monumental change we can expect to see up to 30″ Multi-Touch LCD Displays, 20″, 24″ and 30″ Multi-Touch iMacs, […]

Leopard is coming in June or I’ll eat a Boot

You may have seen this Digitimes post this week about Leopard being delayed until October. Apple has responded that this is completely untrue, of course. These kinds of things are going to keep creeping their way onto the Internet until the day Leopard actually ships. It’s inevitable, and it’s not even something I can say […]

OS X Quick Tip: Email an Entire Webpage!

Today’s Quick Tip comes from Neil. You can send an entire webpage in Safari by pressing cmd+I – this will open a mail window with the entire page loaded inside the body of the message, with the title of the page in the subject line. Perfect for sending your buddy at the office who’s Internet […]

OS X Quick Tip: Email a URL at Super Speed!

If you want to share a URL with a buddy, there is a super fast way to do it in OS X. Just hit Command-Shift-I and mail will open with the name of the page in the subject line, and the URL linked in the body of the email. Note that this only works while […]

Get to know the Terminal…intro for newbies

If you’re interested in learning about the Terminal, but don’t know where to start, this article from MacApper is a great place to get your feet wet. If you’re anything like me you switched to the Mac so you’d never have to jack with a terminal or prompt ever again – but you should check […]

OS X Quick Tip: Close Dashboard Widgets More Quickly!

Today’s Quick Tip comes from Life Clever. Want to close a specific Dashboard widget without opening the Widget manager? It’s simple. Go into the Dashboard, hover your mouse over any Dashboard Widget, and hold down the Option key. After a few seconds, the circle X will appear on the Widget, and you can close it […]