Jobs says Apple’s current OS update schedule to continue

Steve Jobs spoke with the New York Times about Leopard, saying that this latest release of OSX would form the basis for another cycle of continuous operating system upgrades, which could last as long as a decade. “I’m quite pleased with the pace of new operating systems every 12 to 18 months for the foreseeable […]

NeoOffice 2.2.1 Now Available

If you use NeoOffice, you’ll be glad to know there that version 2.2.1 is now available. The latest version of the free application suite now includes support of the Mac OS spellchecker and address book, along with experimental compatibility with the new Microsoft Office file standards. NeoOffice is an OS X native version of Open […]

OS X Quick Tip: Get .Mac for $79.99

Why pay $99.99 for .Mac when you don’t have to? A reader tipped me off to this a few weeks ago, and I have foolishly forgotten who (sorry about that)…but if you purchase Apple’s .Mac service from Amazon, instead of Apple, you get for the discounted price of $79.99. That’s $20 bucks off! With all […]

OS X Quick Tip: ZOOM in and out of OS X

One cool OS X tip that not everyone seems to be aware of is its zooming capabilities. You can actually zoom into your screen in the same way you can zoom into documents in Photoshop or any Word Processor. There are two different ways to do it. If you’re using a Macbook or Macbook Pro […]

New Leopard Build features some Visual Changes

LoopRumors has a look at some new cosmetic changes to Leopard that were revealed in the latest build that has been seeded to developers. There is a new separator in the Dock that I like… And the System Preferences Icon has been updated to match the iPhone Settings icon… For more, take a look at […]

OS X Quick Tip: Copy and Paste File Names

If you click on an Application and press Command+C you typically copy the entire App. If you’re just trying to email the name of an Application or add the name to a Document, it’s not going to work becuase the entire Application is going to get copied to that locatioin….but, there is a way to […]

OS X Quick Tip: High Quality Skype Video Calls

If you make video calls with Skype on your Mac, you know that the video, by default, is pretty low quality. You can fix this, however, pretty easily. First make sure you have Skype version or newer. Make sure you don’t have Skype open, then navigate to “~/Library/Application Support/Skype/yourskypename/” Find the file called config.xml. […]

OS X Quick Tip: Quickly Change your Desktop Image w/ Safari 3

You can change your Desktop background image in a variety of ways…most of which require you to launch your System Preferences an use the Desktop Preferences panel, but – with Safari 3 – there is a much quicker way to do this. Simply take any image that you want to use for your Desktop Image, […]

OS X Quick Tip: Advanced PDF Options

It’s very easy to save to PDF in OSX, but did you know there are advanced options that allow you to encrypt, compress, and even save the PDF as a Post Script file? Just open any program that allows you to Print, and select File>Print. In the lower third of the Print window you will […]