The Death Of The Optical Drive Will Not Be Greatly Exaggerated

Many people start the new year off with a few resolutions (my personal resolution being 720p – I see an AppleTV coming soon) but I’m more interested in looking at the potential in tech companies, mainly Apple. What’s in store for us as consumers in 2011? My personal hope is the death of the optical […]

How Apple Made Touch Computing Intimate

Apple has made the tablet and the smartphone intimate. It’s personal, touchable and everywhere you are — a revolution years in the making — here’s how it happened. Touch computing was at the forefront of futuristic concepts for computers and has appeared in many kinds of gadgets over the last decade. It wasn’t until the […]

What An iPad Magazine Needs To Be

Richard Branson and Rupert Murdoch are both moving in to the iPad subscription business — uncharted territory even for a media tycoon and an ambitious entrepreneur. Their foray in to iPad content distribution will come as Apps, digital magazines that will hopefully give new life to an aging  method of printing information. Murdoch and Branson […]

IDG moves Macworld to Feb. 2010

IDG World Expo has announced that Macworld 2010 will be moving from it’s original January 4th – 8th slot next year, to February 9 – 13. The question of if Macworld can survive without Apple is still up in the air, but IDG is making some changes to Macworld 2010 in an effort to drum […]

Microsoft Ad Fuels Mac/PC Debate – ugh.

You know what I’ve decided I don’t have time in my life for anymore? The Mac vs. PC debate. Honestly, the Internet can kill the fun in just about anything, and it has officially killed the fun of this back and forth for me. This new Ad from Microsoft is really what takes the cake. […]

WWDC Dates Announced, Speculation Begins

June 8-12 has been set for WWDC 2009, and now the speculation begins on exactly what we’ll see. Of course, the biggest speculation is, of course, the return of Steve Jobs. Will he be back at the show? I doubt it, but I’m sure it will be the lead speculation until the presentation itself. Snow […]

Do you Want a Subsidized Macbook?

We’ve seen a lot of rumors about subsidized Macbooks coming soon. Basically you’d get a Macbook at a substantially cheaper price, but in return you’d have to sign a two-year mobile data contract with a company like At&t or Orange. Now, I’m very much against this kind of thing mainly because I think it’s setting […]

VIDEO: Keyboard working on Non-Jailbroken iPhone

This video above from TUAW is supposedly from a non-jail broken iPhone. There appears to be a small debate about whether that is actually true or not…but to me, it doesn’t really matter. I’m just glad to see an external keyboard working on the iPhone. When you combine the features announced for iPhone 3.0, external […]