What is so hard about making a webcam for Mac?

I’ve been getting ready for Macworld, and since I have a young child at home who has made it clear that my going to San Francisco for several days is not the greatest thing ever, I have been trying to find a webcam for our Mac Mini. I might as well be trying to find […]

There will be no MacTouch at Macworld 2008

As many of you know, I like to try and bring the hype machine down a notch here at Apple Gazette. I’m excited about Macworld – we all are – but there are times when our excitement and imagination get the better of us. I know, I’m guilty of it too. I’ve fallen victim to […]

Does Apple need NBC back?

Forrester Research firm analyst James McQuivey thinks that Apple is on the losing end of the NBC/Apple troubles, and that they need NBC back – FAST. “Don’t let the Macgeeks posting angry blogs against NBC fool you,” McQuivey’s report reads, “The loser here is Apple, which relies on NBC Universal to deliver 30 [percent] of […]

iTunes Movie Prices on the way up!

Ars Technica and other sites are reporting that things are about to change in the iTunes Movie Store. Studios such as 20th Century Fox have convinced Apple to pay a wholesale price of $15 per movie for their titles. The positive of the deal is supposed to be that this secures more support for things […]

If Apple did make an iTablet – who would use it?

It’s been a while since we’ve had any ridiculous Apple rumors, but Loop Rumors fixed that for us last Thursday with their post about a top secret Apple project called “iTablet”. You can see an “artists rendering” of the device above, but really there’s not much to “render” with this particular rumored device. It’s described […]

Malcor was a Hoax – Did the Mac Heist team go too far?

So, there was this hacker named Malcor that was hijacking Apple websites that were too “fanboi”. (Yeah, I can’t believe I just spelled it that way either.) It got the digg community all a twitter, and it caused quite a stir in the Apple online community. It’s the kind of thing that gets people riled […]

Is a 24 hour Apple news network necessary?

The Digital Lifestyle network went live yesterday. Not a bad name for a Tech Metwork. Here’s the thing, though, they’re not billing themselves as a Tech Network. They’re billing themselves as a 24 hour Apple News Network. Soak that in for a minute. A 24 hour Apple News Network. Sometimes I have a hard time […]