Steve Ballmer talks ‘Silverlight’ on iPhone (what a moron)

At a Keynote at Microsoft’s Mix Conference yesterday afternoon, Steve Ballmer responded to a question from the audience about Silverlight appearing on the iPhone. He said the idea is certainly “interesting.” Then proceeded to be an idiot. He expressed concern over the fact that Apple was taking a 30% cut from applications sold through the […]

What is it about Apple that inspires irrational speculation?

If its one thing that is constant in the “cult of mac” its irrational speculation. I have been guilty of it myself a time or two, and its a phenomenon that I have yet to fully understand. The simplest things can lead to unbelievably wild speculation about what Apple is (or probably isn’t) doing next. […]

A Post-Macworld look at Apple in 2008

Macworld is behind us now, and even though some consider the keynote announcements to be less than spectacular, I have to say that I’m more excited about Apple in 2008, than I was in 2007 at this time. Why? Well, let’s take a look at what we had to look forward to from Apple in […]