UK iPhone add banned for being “misleading”

The Advertising Standards Authority received complaints from 2 local viewers in the UK who felt that the claims in on of Apple’s iPhone commercials was misleading because it claimed that “all the parts of the Internet” were on the iPhone. Since the phone does not support Flash or Java, two critical components in viewing many […]

Psystar plans to countersue Apple – but they’re still not going to win

Psystar, the Mac-clone manufacturer that is currently have their pants sued off by Apple is planning a countersuit according to online reports. The company is claiming that Apple’s software license is a violation of anti-trust laws. The company further claims that Apple inflates the prices for its hardware and the EULA unfairly prevents other companies […]

Could Apple really sell 45 Million iPhones in a year?

Sources who are allegedly aware of Apple’s company plans are telling Business Week that Apple expects to sell between 40 and 45 million iPhone 3G units over the course of the next year. Something about that number just seems absurd to me, but with factories pumping out 800,000 iPhone units a week, I suppose its […]

MobileMe continues to Disappoint Me.

Yesterday afternoon my mail just stopped working. MobileMe went down, and there was no way – not through iPhone, Desktop, or Webmail to access my email. Since I depend on my email heavily for work, to say that it was a bit upsetting would be an understatement. To make matters worse, Gmail went down at […]