Would a $99 iPhone “dilute” the Apple brand?

I keep reading commentaries on the idea of a $99 iPhone. What surprises me, is that some people seem to think that a $99 iPhone would somehow tarnish or “dilute” the Apple brand. I can’t for the life of me see why. A $99 iPhone is a great idea. Apple has made it very clear […]

POLL: Do you buy movies in iTunes?

“The Dark Knight” is available for purchase on iTunes. It’s $14.99 on iTunes, and $14.95 (this week only) at Wal-Mart. I thought about buying it today when I was walking through the store, but I decided against it. Then I thought about buying it again when I got home, and decided against it again. I’m […]

Does it matter if Obama uses an iPod or Zune?

Sometimes I look at the things that blow up on the Internet and I just hang my head in disbelief. We’re currently in one of the worst economic states this country has ever been in. The entire world is looking a recession, and after handing our banks oodles and gobs of cash, our automotive industry […]

More names pull out of Macworld 2009

Hot on the heals of Adobe choosing not to have a booth at Macworld 2009, Apple Insider is reporting that several other big names are either scaling down, or pulling out all together. Companies like Belkin, Seagate, and Creative Labs have pulled out completely, while companies like Google and Marware are scaling back from previous […]

Hollywood using iPhone Apps as Advertising

We’re seeing more and more iPhone Apps that also double as advertising for movies and video games. It all started with “The Dark Knight” earlier this year. The App was simple, but fun, and it allowed you to add some Joke-inspired graffiti on photos of your friends, enemies or…whoever. Then Star Wars got in the […]

What the iPhone needs next – organization

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the iPhone 3.0. I’m sincerely hoping by then that we have an improvement on the organization of the iPhone Apps – because they are seriously starting to get out of hand. I currently have 7 of the 9 available screens filled to the brim with […]