Smart Magnet Technology Patent Can Revolutionize the Way We Use iPads

Another day, another patent. As it usually is with Apple patents, things get rather interesting. Apple Insider reports that the US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a patent regarding a “magnetic attachment unit”, which is basically smart magnet technology that goes beyond what current smart covers for iPads employ. Source The abstract of […]

How to Get a Flappy Bird Knockoff Approved: Name it Flying Cyrus

This week, we heard about Apple (and Google) bringing the hammer down on developers who submitted Flappy Bird knockoffs to the App Store. A sure sign seemed to be the use of the word “Flappy” (I wonder why), although there might have been other considerations. Understandably, developers were frustrated and took to the Internet to […]

Apple Opens First Latin American Store, Sells Most Expensive iPhone

A couple of days after the Hallmark holiday where expectations are at their peak – and thus disappointments as well – Apple opened its first store in the Latin American region. Its Rio de Janeiro store is the first ever official store in the area, and on top of that distinction, the store is also […]