Pre-order a 24-karat Gold iPhone 6

Everyone’s got an iPhone these days, and if you don’t like the idea of having what everyone else has, then BRIKK has something for you: a 24-karat gold iPhone 6. Because a regular iPhone 6 is not good enough. BRIKK’s web site says that the gold iPhone 6 will be available in September or October […]

New Samsung Galaxy S5 Ad Makes Fun of the iPhone 6

Even before the iPhone 6 has been launched! Do you smell that? The reek of desperation emanating from Samsung… Yeah, okay, maybe I went a little overboard fangirling with those statements, but seriously! The new Samsung Galaxy S5 ad was released on YouTube this week, all while speculation about the iPhone 6 is still rife. […]

Forensics Expert Says Apple May Have Admitted to iOS Backdoor

The security of operating systems has always been a touchy subject, and with leaks sprouting front, back, and center, security and privacy issues have become even more controversial. Apple has repeatedly said that they have stringent security measures in place, although doubts have been raised about that. In a recent report, iOS author and former […]

Keep the Music Playing With This Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Music makes the world go round. While that cliche may not apply to every person, if you are like me, who just can’t live without music, then you might be interested in this Bluetooth Shower Speaker. Sure, it is not hard to find similar devices, but this particular Bluetooth Shower Speaker promises excellent sound and […]

Why Apple’s Partnership with IBM is a Big Deal

Yesterday Apple and IBM announced plans to partner with one another to “transform enterprise mobility” and while this is a very nebulous statement, the implications for Apple’s future are pretty huge. The partnership with IBM looks to be the start of something big for both companies. Most people think of IBM as the people that […]