Will Apple Lose Siri to Samsung?

Technically, Siri is being used in Apple devices, so it does belong to the company in a way. However, it’s not that simple – as things usually go. Source Enter SRI International, a powerhouse in the technology and biosciences niche. They are the ones who created Siri Inc. (which is “who” we interact with today […]

What is Shellshock and How to Protect Against It

Don’t look now but there’s another massive vulnerability on the loose and this time it’s your Mac that’s under fire. Shellshock, the newly-discovered vulnerability affects Mac and Linux machines by allowing an attacker to inject code directly into your machine. This vulnerability is one of the worst found yet, as it has the chance to […]

Funniest BendGate Tweets

So it’s not like us to make fun of Apple, but we don’t mind making fun of things – even those that we like. One simply cannot ignore an iPhone 6 bending. It could be a flaw in the design. It could simply because the phone is so thin. We don’t know, although Apple has […]