Garmin has a secret product for Macworld

GPS manufacturer Garmin has a secret product that they’re going to unveil at Macworld 2008. The software is called “Bobcat” according to the Garmin Blog. The blog post also mention “new Mac-compatible software and hardware” that Garmin will be showcasing. There is no official word on just what “Bobcat” or the new software and hardware […]

2008 Keynote Bingo Card now Online

The 2008 Macworld Bingo card is online now, and you can already mark one square off for the Mac Pros. Macworld Bingo has become increasingly popular over the last few years. I’ve never really gotten into it myself, but you can find the PDF file right here so you can play along next Monday if […]

Video: Macworld 1990

If you’ve ever wanted a visual example of the difference between Apple with Steve Jobs, and Apple after Steve Jobs in the 1990s, I think this video really expresses things well. This is video of a Keynote address from 1990. This video is only 5:55 long – but it seems like it goes on FOREVER. […]

Video: Macworld Keynote 1998

1998 was a great year for Apple. The company, with Steve Jobs back at the helm, was on an upswing, and the media was finally starting to lay off the “death of Apple” talk. The 1998 Macworld Expo was held in New York. With the “Think Different” ad campaign in full swing, and the newly […]

Getting Ready for Macworld 2008

So, I’m gearing up for Macworld 2008, and I want to give everyone an update on how it’s going to work here at Apple Gazette during that week. I’m going to be at Macworld from the 14th through the 17th. I’ll be flying in on the 13th, and I would imagine most blogging, except for […]