17-inch Macbook Pros delayed…or not

Apple Insider is reporting that Apple’s 17-inch Macbook Pro deliveries have been push backed to “near March” There claim is based on one specific report, and then a generalization about readers in Australia. While the 17-inch Macbook Pro may be taking longer to get to Australia than it will to the U.S. – I can […]

Designer Wooden Macbook Case Anyone?

It’s not often that I see a designer case that I really, really want. This Wooden Case from designer Rainer Spehl is one of those cases. There is a model for both 15″ Macbook and the Macbook Pro. The case features a leather interior and magnetic enclosure. It’s very nice looking, and I’d love to […]

Apple PR – Apple introduces 17 inch Macbook Pro

Apple Introduces 17-inch MacBook Pro With Revolutionary New Built-in Battery That Delivers Eight Hours of Use & 1,000 Recharges SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Apple(R) today unveiled the new 17-inch MacBook(R) Pro featuring a durable and beautiful precision aluminum unibody enclosure, and a revolutionary new built-in battery that delivers up to eight hours of […]

Apple releases updates for Uni-Body Macbooks

Apple has released firmware updates for its latest Macbook, Macbook Pro, and Macbook Air models. The EFI updates are available for each model and offer improved stability, bug fixes and..well…who knows? Apple isn’t being very clear on exactly what they’re for. If you’ve downloaded these updates and seen any improvements on your system please let […]

New Macbooks performance suffers with only AC Power

Gearlog reported this weekend that while they were testing a Macbook Pro they found that the machines performance took a nose dive while it was running on only AC power, with the battery completely removed. TUAW did a little research and found a Support Document that claims this is done to prevent “the computer from […]

Is Apple cutting its notebook production?

Apple could be cutting its production on both notebooks and the iPhone according to Ars Technica. With the current economic downturn that’s not terribly surprising, though. The news comes from Quanta, a Taiwanese OEM that Apple has outsourced a good portion of its production to. The company is suggesting that Apple may be cutting its […]

Some Macbook manufacturing problems reported online

According to TGDaily some buyers of the new Macbooks are complaining about a loose battery/HDD latch and slanted function keys on the keyboard. This could be an indication that Apple’s new manufacturing process need some refinement…or simply that the folks at quality control need to do a better job. Like many Apple problems this could […]

New Macbook Pros doesn’t support 8GB Ram

According to iFixit it looks like the new Macbook Pros will not actually support 8GB of Ram. NVIDIA representatives have dated previously that the new chipsets used in the MacBook and Macbook Pro could support up to 8GB of Ram, but after testing, that doesn’t seem to be the case. The Macbook Pro that was […]