Could the New MacBook’s Single USB-C Port Pose a Major Security Threat?

Apple aficionados have applauded many aspects of the new MacBook’s design, but many have complained about the new MacBook’s single USB-C port. In addition to being inconvenient, some argue that it poses a significant security risk. Malware spread via USB is nothing new, and some researchers fear that a USB-C charger could become a malware […]

How to Disable Fitness Tracking in iOS 8.2

Earlier this week Apple released iOS 8.2 for iPhone and iPad. The latest version of the mobile operating system delivers support for the Apple Watch, some new features for the Health app, and a slew of bug fixes and stability enhancements. It also gives users the ability to disable automatic fitness tracking, something that has been […]

Mac Gaming: How Apple is Catching Up

For years, PC users have poked fun at Mac enthusiasts about the lack of gaming capabilities on Apple computers. Up until just recently, it was the major differences in PC and Mac operating systems and graphics card specifications that kept large game publishers from spending the time or money to provide Mac compatible versions of […]

8 Tips to Help Your Mac Run More Efficiently

Today’s Macintosh computers are unquestionably the very best that Apple has ever made, combining elegant design with impressive technology under the hood. When paired with the latest version of OS X, a Mac is not only easy to use, but extremely powerful and productive too. But from time to time, even the best computers can […]

LastPass Finally Available as Standalone Mac App

We all know that thing called security, which requires us to choose strong passwords, different passwords for each account, as well as remember all of them. While that would have been a relatively easy thing 10 years or so ago, with the number of online accounts the average person has today, remember all those passwords […]

Lawsuit Over Faulty MacBook Logic Boards Dismissed

A judge has just dismissed a class action suit against Apple over faulty MacBook logic boards, which the company supposedly was aware of. The lawsuit was based on the claims that Apple knowingly sold the MacBooks with faulty logic boards. The plaintiffs are Uriel Marcus and Benedict Verceles, who filed the case in May 2014. […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Mac Security Vulnerability Thunderstrike

In case you missed it during the busy holiday rush over the past few weeks, a computer security expert has discovered a vulnerability in the Mac’s much vaunted Thunderbolt port that is causing some concern amongst Apple fans. This major security flaw has been dubbed “Thunderstrike” and it could be used used to launch an […]

FlowVella: Full-Featured Presentation Software for the 21st Century

[Update: On December 18, 2014 Flowboard changed the name of this software to FlowVella. This article has been updated to reflect that change.] If you’re a Mac user who has had to make professional-quality presentations in the past, you probably know that your options for software have generally been limited to Microsoft’s PowerPoint or Apple’s […]