Top Accessories for Your Mac

If you’re just just dropped some serious money on a new Mac, whether be a super-portable Mac Mini, insanely powerful Mac Pro or a sweet iMac Retina with a 5K display, congratulations! You’ve made a potentially expensive but definitely worthwhile investment in your computer, and you can expect (at least) years of great performance. In […]

New Mac Pros Mean the Old Ones are Cheap

Oh, the Mac Pro. Device of people who really need to crank out resource-intensive projects. It’s what some video editors prefer for editing their movies, and what some designers love for working on magazines and other work. It’s also the price of a used car, and with the latest update, a grand more expensive than […]

Mac Pro Updated – Finally

I was complaining just a few weeks ago about the lack of updates for the Mac Pro. Turns out, I just had to wait a little bit. Now, I could ramble on about how quick these things are, but let me just sample the traditional Apple speak for this one: he new quad-core Mac Pro, […]

Sonos “ZonePlayer S5” IMPULSIVE REVIEW

The revolutionary sound system has arrived! It has a name, it has a subwoofer, it has tweeters, it has wireless-integrated technology, it has superior sound, it has pure qualitative quality: it is the Sonos “ZonePlayer S5” music system. In an age that has adopted digital music, the Sonos “ZonePlayer S5” cannot be overlooked, or go […]

Apple Updates Mini, Pro, iMac, and More!

Today Apple updated the Mac Mini, Mac Pro, iMac, Airport Extreme, and Time Capsule. There are no real cosmetic changes, but everything is a little greener, and a little more powerful. It’s the most publicity the Mac Mini has received from Apple in a LONG time… Apple® today announced updates to its iMac® and Mac® […]