Will We Ever See a New Mac Mini?

This weekend there have been images and video of a new Mac Mini online (neither of which I can post from my iPhone…which I am blogging from at the moment). From what little I’ve seen from it, this looks fake to me. The design is too close to the original Mini’s to be real. Apple […]

RUMOR: Mac Mini might not be dead after all

TUAW is reporting that the Mac Mini may not be as dead at is seems like it is. The new rumor is that the Mac Mini may be getting a refresh that ditches the Intel integrated motherboard design. I certainly hope it’s true. The Mac Mini is what made it possible (financially) for me to […]

Apple stops shipments of Mac Minis

According to Gizmodo Apple has apparently stopped shipping new units of Mac Minis to retailers. The two major European retailers who are cited as the primary sources also note that they have both been told not to expect any future shipments — which pretty much kills the idea that this is going to lead to […]

Rumormill churning out new material – claims Apple will update almost everything in Sept.

The rumor mill is starting to get its wheels spinning as the month of September rolls on closer. Now there is word circulating that Apple letting select retailers know that they should hold off before placing orders for Mac Minis, Macbook Pros, and Cinema Displays. First, it should be mentioned that rumors for almost EVERY […]

Apple reports highest Mac Sales EVER

Apple just issued the press release for their 3rd Quarter Financial results, and things couldn’t be going any better for Macs. Revenue is up 38% year-over-year, and Mac Sales are at an all time high. Apple shipped 2,496,000 Macs during the quarter, representing 41% growth from the previous year. That’s absolutely amazing. Full press release […]

Does Apple really need to move to Blu-Ray anytime soon?

There has been some talk over the weekend about why Apple hasn’t yet moved to adding Blu-Ray drives to its computers. Some seem to think that now that the “format war is over” that Apple should be saddling into the Blu-Ray bandwagon (which they originally committed to at the start of the Blu-Ray format) and […]

Mac Mini ‘Mac Pro’ Mod is supremely impressive

Standing 3.28″ wide by 7.8″ tall by 6.5″ deep, this Mac Mini mod is an absolute masterpiece. Creator Hideo Takano not only managed to create this great looking case he also made some additional mods, like a front mounted power button and USB port. Not to mention the fact that this Mac Mini’s specs are […]