Is Apple Collecting and Selling Consumer ID Information?

Apple is no stranger to lawsuits – from both sides of the coin – but this time, the company is facing a class action lawsuit from three guys in Boston, Massachusetts. The plaintiffs are Adam Christensen, Jeffrey Scolnick, and William Farrell. Source The complaint? That Apple has violated (and continues to violate) Mass. Gen Laws chapter. 93 […]

Apple Reports on Government Information Requests

Ever since it came to light that the US government has spied on Americans with the supposed help from companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft, these companies have been scrambling to show their respective customers that the method for requesting information from them is done with the upmost security and only when valid warrants are […]

Apple Says Publisher Deal Improved Competition

Apple is under fire from the United States Department of Justice for allegations that it has conspired with other book publishers to illegally fix the prices of e-books.  The DOJ has has said that Apple’s defense against the allegations are unconvincing and “untethered from both precedent and logic.”

Apple Puts Up Court-Mandated Samsung Apology Page

A few months ago, a U.K. court judge decided against Apple’s charges of Samsung of copying the design of the Apple iPad in designing the Galaxy tablet. The U.K. courts then ordered Apple to come out with a public statement that exonerates Samsung from the charges of copying Apple. This statement was to be published […]

Apple, Samsung Still Locked in Legal Battles

A month or so ago, Apple finally won in its court battle against Samsung in a California court. The verdict – Samsung has infringed on Apple’s patents and will be required to pay a little more than $1 billion to Apple as damages. But the fight is not finished. Various motions and filings are still […]

ITC Rules Apple Infringes on Motorola Patent

Apple recently received less than favorable news with the US International Trade Commission ruling that Apple is infringing on a patent involving 3G wireless technology that Motorola Mobility owns. The Commission further stated that Apple’s action also compels other companies to infringe on this same patent without even knowing that they’re doing it. This is […]