Why Apple’s Productivity Apps Should Replace Microsoft Office for Mac Users

For years, Microsoft Office has been the gold standard for productivity software for business. If you took an inventory of the applications on most computers used in the corporate environment, chances are you’d find some version of Word, Powerpoint, and Excel installed on the majority of hard drives. MS Office has gotten so ubiquitous in fact, […]

Mac App Store Opens Its Doors With 1,000+ Apps

The Mac App Store is available now for users and opens its doors with over 1,000 Apps including iOS favorites such as Twitter and Angry Birds. Announced during Apple’s “Back To The Mac” event, the Mac App Store has been anticipated by users for weeks as developers readied their Software for Apple to approve. Apple […]

Pages Now Features Export to ePub

Sometimes, I like to hear about things going on, then let them marinate in my head for a little bit so I can think about it before spouting my opinions. For example, let’s talk about the news that came around last week: iWork was updated. Big deal, right? Not really, except that it also included […]

iWork.com Updates – Both Users Very Excited

iWork, Apple’s answer to the Microsoft Office suite, also has an online component. iWork.com is Apple’s version of Google Docs, and it allows iWork users to share files with both Apple and PC users. I’ve never used it personally, but that’s because I don’t collaborate with anybody. And if I do, I just e-mail them […]