PBS programming now on iTunes U

PBS programming has been added to iTunes U. Films like The War by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick and The Jewish Americans: A Series by David Gurin, along with series like “Meet the Author” (which features more than 40 interviews with top children’s book authors and illustrators are all now available. In addition Washington D.C’s […]

Apple is the #1 music retailer in the US…no wait…nevermind

In January Apple was the #1 music seller in the US. In Feb, however, Wal-Mart reclaimed their spot at the top according to Ars Technica. The reason for the spike in Jan. can most likely be attributed to customers redeeming iTunes gift cards that they received at Christmas. What’s extremely interesting about this, though, is […]

iTunes, Quicktime and Front Row all receive updates

iTunes, Quicktime, and Front Row updates have been released by Apple. The iTunes update, which weighs in at 46 mbs, features “bug fixes to improve stability and performance.” While the Front Row update, 20.5 mbs, increases compatibility with the latest version of iTunes. Compelling stuff. The Quicktime update gives us security fixes for Leopard, Tiger, […]

Apple Gazette Daily 239 – Mac scareware, France, Germany, and more!

podcast sponsor link:http://www.audiblepodcast.com/applegazette Click the link above to get your free audio book from Audible, and help support Apple Gazette at the same time! Today’s Show: Mac scareware, New Apple Ads, France, Germany, and more! You can subscribe via iTunes, or by RSS feed, or… you can listen to the episode right here: right here […]

OPINION: About this iTunes going “Free” rumor

Enough people have commented on the site, tweeted, and emailed me about it, that I guess there’s no avoiding it. Nokia announced late last year that they were offering a new service called “Comes with Music” that gives buyers of certain phones unlimited access to downloadable music libraries for one year. This week, The Financial […]

Apple sued (yet again) over iPod and iTunes

ZapMedia who filed for a couple of patents in 1999 for a “way of sending music and other digital content from servers to multiple media players”, which were granted in 2006 and Tuesday, respectively, are suing Apple over the iPod and iTunes. The lawsuit, which was filed in East Texas (which is apparently the frivolous […]

Lionsgate joins Apple’s Digital Copy for iTunes program

Indie film house Lionsgate is the second studio to embrace Apple’s ‘Digital Copy for iTunes’ program. Fox was the first, kick starting the program the day it was announced by adding a digital copy of the Family Guy special ‘Blue Harvest’ to the DVD. Lionsgate will begin the program with the DVD releases of ‘Rambo’ […]