“Uno” now available for clickwheel iPods

iPhone/iPod Touch Applications have been all the talk these past few weeks, but there are other iPods out there that can play games. Today Gameloft has released something new for all of them. Uno is a world famous card game that Gameloft has now adapted for play on clickwheel iPods. The classic game pits players […]

Apple updates iPod Nano to 1.1.2

Apple has released a new firmware update for third-generation iPod Nanos. The minor software update is available through iTunes and reportedly addresses minor “bug fixes”. To install the software simply sync your iPod Nano with iTunes and follow the prompts.

Top 10 Apple Designs of All Time

If it is one thing Apple is known for, above all else, it is the design of Apple products. From the very beginning Apple has shown a different level of attention to design detail than many of its competitors, and throughout its history, the company has been a constant source of design innovation. With that […]

Canadians – Apple just might owe you $44

It’s being reported that Apple is offering a $44 dollar credit to Canadian iPod owners, which will total $3.54 million dollars. The offer is being presented to settle a lawsuit over the battery life of iPods. Owners of first, second, or third generation iPods who purchased their units before June 24, 2004 are eligible for […]

Apple sued over iPod nano and iPod touch connector

Apple is being sued once again, this time by an inventor named Henry Milan. The lawsuit, which was filed in the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Michigan, claims that Apple violated a hardware-based patent in its connecting mechanism in their iPod Nano and iPod Touch products according to MacNN. The firm argues […]