More than half of 2009 model cars will offer iPod connectivity

The automotive industry is gearing up to make 2009 the year of iPod connectivity it seems. Over half of the 2009 model-year cars sold in the United States will over some kind of support for Apple’s iPod. It’s really something that is far too long in coming. The iSuppli research suggests that this is automakers […]

Apple’s “Let’s Rock” Event Recap

Apple just completed their “Let’s Rock” event and my inbox is full of press releases. The serious leaks this time out really left us with nothing to be surprised by or about. Apple introduced iTunes 8 which features some new browsing options, and other features. The feature most focused on was the “Genius” playlist creator […]

Apple credits Kramer as inventor of iPod Tech

Apple has finally admitted that a man named Kane Kramer invented the technology behind the iPod in 1979. Mr. Kramer invented the device when he was 23 years old. It was called the IXI and it stored only 3.5 minutes of music on a chip at the time, but Kramer knew the idea has potential, […]