iPod Touch Dissected

Want to take a look at the guts of an iPod Touch? Now’s your chance. The guys at iFixit have done it again, and ripped the new device to shreds, spilling it’s guts out, and photographing it for all the world to see. Click Here to take a look via TUAW

iPod Touch Now Available

The iPod Touch is showing up all over the place. You can find unboxing photos on Flickr, a 5/5 Editor’s Choice review at PC Mag, and a new Features PDF guide at Apple.com. All good stuff. I’m not planning to buy an iPod Touch, but I do plan to make the trek down to an […]

mStation Orb – Coolest iPod Stereo I’ve Ever Seen

The mStation Orb has been out for a little while now, but I missed it when it initially launched. I caught my first glimpse of it today, and I have to say, there is something about it that I really dig. The mStation Orb has a dedicated subwoofer, Syncs with iTunes, and 30 watts of […]

Opinion: Is the iPod Touch a Mistake?

Now wait…put the torches down, and just listen to me for a second here…. I’ve been thinking about the iPod Touch recently, explaining it to people (as I often find myself doing in regards to Apple products), and I’m beginning to think this thing is a mistake. Now, I don’t mean the idea of a […]

Inside the iPod Classic and iPod Nano

If you like looking at iPod guts, you’ll want to take a look at this article from Apple Insider. They have a complete gallery pictures for your viewing pleasure. First, they take the Nano apart piece by piece. Followed by the iPod Classic. Horriying…just horrifying. The tear down is via iFixit, a third party Apple […]

Are there TOO many iPod Choices?

I’ve been thinking about since the Special Event last week, and I can’t seem to shake the feeling that there are just too many iPods out there to choose from. When the line was just iPods, Nanos, and Shuffles it was easier. There was still a lot of choice, but those choices were very clear. […]