Apple sued (yet again) over iPod and iTunes

ZapMedia who filed for a couple of patents in 1999 for a “way of sending music and other digital content from servers to multiple media players”, which were granted in 2006 and Tuesday, respectively, are suing Apple over the iPod and iTunes. The lawsuit, which was filed in East Texas (which is apparently the frivolous […]

SanDisk reveals iPod Nano rival ‘Fuze’

SanDisk put a stop to the rumors that it was going to release a product to compete directly with the 3rd generation iPod Nano today, by revealing the Sansa Fuze. The Fuze is visibly almost a direct copy of the iPod nano, featuring an almost identical design. The Fuze, like all SanDisk digital audio players, […]

Gameloft releases Bubble Bash for iPod

Gameloft continue to release games for the iPod at a swift pace, this time creating a ‘Bust-a-move’ clone called ‘Bubble Bash’. If you’re familiar with ‘Bust-a-move’ then you know exactly how the game plays. ‘Bubble Bash’ joins ‘Pirates of the Caribbean – Aegir’s Fire’ and ‘Yahtzee’ as the latest releases for the iPod gaming platforms.

Apple drops iPod Shuffle Price, introduces Xsan 2

This morning Apple announced a new price drop for the iPod shuffle as well as a new version of Xsan. So far every Tuesday in 2008 has seen at least some minor update from Apple, but most have seen either a new hardware or software release. Due to low inventory levels and long standing rumors […]

The Apple gaming trademark and why it DOESN’T mean Apple is working on a gaming device

This weekend has been filled to the brim with rumors and speculation, on a variety of Apple related topics. One of the biggest has been the fact that Apple filed for a trademark that would protect the world APPLE on “toys, games and playthings, namely, hand-held units for playing electronic games; hand-held units for playing […]

Apple releases Chess, Backgammon, and “Battleship” clone for iPod

In addition to new iPhone and iPod Touch models, Apple today released three new games for the 6th generation iPod and 3rd generation iPod nano. The new games include Chess and Backgammon, which come in one package, and then a “Battleship” clone game entitled “Naval Battle”. The Naval Battle game plays just like Battleship, but […]