Is Apple’s iPhone Product Line Too Varied?

Over the years, Apple has steadily increased the size of its product line. With several of the company’s devices running the same software and fulfilling virtually the same function, is it time for Apple to reevaluate its product line? Specifically, is Apple’s iPhone product line too varied? Since its founding, Apple has always been synonymous […]

US Mobile Carriers’ Plan to Cut iPhone Subsidies Spells Trouble for Apple

How much are you willing to pay for your next iPhone? More than likely, you’re probably willing to pay about $300, roughly the price of the iPhone 6+ with 16GB of onboard storage, the minimum storage capacity available on the iPhone. For years, US carriers have heavily subsidized the cost of Apple’s iPhones, hiding the […]

Have a Taste of Old School with the Apple Flipphone [Concept]

We’re certainly not unused to concept designs for the iPhone. From an iPhone 8 concept to an iPhone 6C concept – and practically everything in between – we’ve seen quite a bunch of artistic renditions. This time, instead of forward-looking concepts, we’re going to take a short walk down memory lane with the Apple Flipphone. […]

Top 5 Apple Gadgets for Back to School Shopping

Across the United States, college students and their parents are filling dorm rooms and backpacks with the essentials, but do you (or your college student) have the right gadgets for school? Buying quality gadgets now will save you money in the long run and ensure that you are ready for whatever college throws your way. […]

5 Ways Apple Can Improve the iPhone

With its fast and efficient processor, beautiful Retina display, outstanding camera, and svelte design, the iPhone is without question one of the best smartphones available today. It’s no secret that consumers love the iconic gadget, as millions are sold each quarter and new models are always highly anticipated. But as good as the iPhone is now, […]