Rumor: iPad 3 Production Allegedly In Full Swing

There are strong indications that Appleā€™s next generation tablet, the iPad 3, is already being manufactured and will probably be announced and ready to sell by March, which is just in two short months. A March 2012 release date is actually within the grounds of possibility because it is a schedule that fits with the […]

G-Form Drops an iPad from Space

The market for smartphone and tablet cases is a very lucrative one. Smartphones and tablets are an investment, more than an impulse buy because they are pricey so owners of tablets and smartphones will try to protect their gadgets from daily abuse and those near catastrophic accidents that would render them into little more than […]

Review: X is for X-Ray

Developer Touch Press might just be who Apple was thinking of when they invented the iPad. Their remarkable, acclaimed apps — which include The Elements, Solar System, and March of the Dinosaurs — specialize in making virtual objects tangible, letting you touch and interact with all sorts of fascinating things.