How to Install iOS 8 When Your Device is Low on Storage

When Apple released iOS 5 back in 2011 it added the incredibly useful ability of OTA (over the air) updates. That meant that you no longer needed to connect your device to a computer to install the latest software upgrades, as they could be downloaded and installed directly on the device itself. For many of […]

How to Add and Remove Buttons in the iOS 8 Sharing Panel

With the release of iOS 8 Apple has started allowing unprecedented access to their mobile operating system thanks to features like keyboards and extensions. Extensions are Apple’s way of letting 3rd party apps play nicely with one another; something it has never allowed before. Now, you can use Pinterest to share your favorite website, or […]

How to Remove Duplicate iCloud Contacts with Scrubly

There are a lot of things in this world that are great to have duplicates of. You’ll never hear anybody complain about having duplicate cakes, cars, or cases of beer, but what you definitely don’t want duplicates of is your contacts. Duplicate contacts eat up space in your address book and make it difficult to […]