Review: Beyond Ynth

If you’ve seen or heard anything at all about FDG Entertainment’s cute, cartoony game Beyond Ynth, then you’ve heard that it’s hard. Having spent many hours with the game, I’m here to tell you: believe everything you’ve heard. I’m not ashamed to admit that several of Beyond Ynth‘s eighty levels I simply found too difficult […]

Review: Bayo Bongo

While some games challenge your ability to button-mash or tap your touchscreen in time with a particular rhythm, Bayo Bongo sets out to test just how fast you can tap your iPad’s screen at all. The game’s deceptively simple premise is that it shows you a screen filled with blocks of varying colors; your aim […]

Review: Ninjatown – Trees of Doom

If making a cute little ninja scale the tallest trees this side of Endor sounds like fun, then Ninjatown: Trees of Doom is the iOS game for you, available for both iPhone and iPad. Don’t be surprised if I wind up using the word “cute” too many times in this review. The cartoonish graphics make […]

Review: Doodle Fit

Doodle Fit is an iPhone/iPad game that presents you with large shapes, and then various Tetris-like blocks that must be worked into the shapes to fill it. Like so many iOS games, Doodle Fit offers super-simple, gameplay that makes for a perfect time-wasting in short or long periods of time. The latter is more likely, as […]

Rage For iOS Makes Slaying Mutants Beautiful And Fun! (4 Stars)

There are very few games that pique my interest – I’m not what you’d call a hardcore gamer. However, Rage for iOS has my full and undivided attention plus the cost of entry — it’s that good! Rage for iOS is another media marvel from id Software, the fine folks who brought you Quake and […]