EA finally ships Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08, Madden NFL 08

Well, they were supposed to ship in July. Some other EA titles shipped in August, and now, here in the latter part of October, EA is finally shipping Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 and Madden 08 for Mac according to MacNN. Both titles require Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later and a 1.83GHz Core Duo […]

So you want Games in OSX? Go make them with Unity 2.0

Unity is a spectacular piece of software that has received a major upgrade this week. For those of you not aware, Unity is an extremely powerful cross platform game creation tool. The update include over 50 new features including the ability to play video files as textures on any surface, performance improvements, Direct X 9 […]

Does OS X NEED to be a hardcore gaming Platform?

Earlier today I wrote about the whole Bungie situation that happened over the weekend. There was also another video game related Apple article that made the rounds this weekend. It stated that Apple didn’t want to pay Valve $1 million dollars to port Half-Life to the Mac. There is an interesting discussion on Digg (as […]

EA Games are now in the Apple Store

Madden ’08 and Tiger Woods ’08 are now available in the Apple Store among several other EA games. The two ’08 games have hit for the Mac only a few weeks after their PC counterparts, which is good news for those who are enthusiastic about the future of gaming on the Mac. I know it […]

Eve Online coming to Mac

I’ve had more than one Windows user tell me that Eve Online is one of the best MMORPGs out there. I’ve actually thought about going the Boot Camp route, just to try Eve Online out. Fortunately, I’m not going to have to because Eve Online is coming to the Mac in the next few months. […]

Star Wars: Empire at War Demo Released

I love a good free game demo, and there is a new Star Wars one for all of us to try. Star Wars: Empire at War single player demo 1.0 has just been released…right now the file server is kicking kicked in the pants so hard that Bittorrent is the only way to download it […]

Software Spotlight: Frenzic

The crew at the Iconfactory make some pretty awesome apps. From the simple to use Twitteriffic, to this awesomely addictive new game Frenzic. Frenzic is a puzzle game. Think Tetris or Bejeweled, but way cooler. In Frenzic you construct Trivial Pursuit styled pies by clicking on one of the open spaces as new pie pieces […]