Zuma, Scrabble added to iTunes, older iPod games removed

Apple has updated their iPod games line today, adding titles like Zuma and Scrabble to the iPod Classic and Nano mix, but removing older 5th Generation iPod games like Bejeweled, iQuiz, Lost, Mahjong, Musika, Royal Solitaire and Vortex. iQuiz and Vortex come pre-installed on all current generation Nanos, so those games haven’t faded away, but […]

Gameloft releases Bubble Bash for iPod

Gameloft continue to release games for the iPod at a swift pace, this time creating a ‘Bust-a-move’ clone called ‘Bubble Bash’. If you’re familiar with ‘Bust-a-move’ then you know exactly how the game plays. ‘Bubble Bash’ joins ‘Pirates of the Caribbean – Aegir’s Fire’ and ‘Yahtzee’ as the latest releases for the iPod gaming platforms.

The Apple gaming trademark and why it DOESN’T mean Apple is working on a gaming device

This weekend has been filled to the brim with rumors and speculation, on a variety of Apple related topics. One of the biggest has been the fact that Apple filed for a trademark that would protect the world APPLE on “toys, games and playthings, namely, hand-held units for playing electronic games; hand-held units for playing […]

Hands On “Spore” Creature Creator from EA

Spore is a game with a lot of hype behind it, and a very long development history. To some people, Spore may be their most anticipated game ever, and now we’re looking at it being released in 2008. I stopped by the EA booth today and got a chance to play Spore for a minute. […]

Hudson releases Bomberman for the iPod line

Well, if Sonic and Peggle didn’t do it for you, there was another iPod game released late yesterday – Bomberman from Hudson Software. Bomberman is one of my favorite franchises of all time – even though some of the games have strayed pretty far from the path of the original formula. This game is actually […]

New iPod Games – Sonic the Hedgehog and Peggle

Sega today released a port of the original Sega Genisis classic, Sonic the Hedgehog for 5th Gen iPods, iPod Classics and 3rd Gen iPod Nanos. While this is probably the 70th release of this game (it is available on just about every mobile platform you can imagine, plus most consoles, on Gametap, and more), it […]

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars – comes to the Mac

Well, gaming is certainly getting more active on the Mac. In the last week we’ve had Eve Online, and Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean MMO released for Mac, and yesterday, Apple Insider got a close look at the latest installment in the Quake franchise, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars – which is coming to the Mac […]