The Mars Odyssey has been exploring the red planet for 3129 Days, 05 Hours, 57 Minutes, 28 Seconds…30 seconds…32 seconds. On the “NASA” App, one can easily view an in-depth description of the orbiter that is part of a “long-term effort of robotic exploration.” In the free “NASA” application, the NASA program powers an iPhone-sized […]


Turn your iPhone sideways and peel out! The 2010 Real Racing Game, “R. Racing GT” gives the player a graphically spectacular experience. The free version of the application provides a limited array of vehicles to start, VW hatchbacks, but the detail of the cars and the tracks is breathtaking. The game is played with the […]

“Truth or Dare” IMPULSIVE REVIEW of Application

When Apple said there was an App for everything, did they mean it? Look at the “Truth or Dare” application, and think on it. The “Truth or Dare” App for the iPhone is exactly what the name suggests, a Truth or Dare game. Download the free version, or splurge $1.99 on an 18+ (ages) version, […]


Two mugs of foaming draughts clink! Frothy cold beer spills down arms in celebration, as “Free Fallin’” careens from speaker to speaker in the lively pub. Cheers are passed on and on. But wait…a toast! The “Toasty!” App for the iPhone is a free program that could not better simplify the spur of the moment […]

IMPULSIVE REVIEW of Uproarious “AtomicFart” App

Three…Two…One…Splat! The sound of a flagellant time-bomb rips through the air in a crowded subway. Almost instantaneously, the entire throng of New Yorkers inside the car leaps aside. A space of a foot around is left encircling the clever iPhone’s owner. This is the rendered effect of using the free “AtomicFart” application. This custom farting […]

IMPULSIVE REVIEW of “Chess” Victory

The “Chess” App from Optime Software is an outstanding investment for the iPhone. There is a free version of this application, but it times out after a short while, which is quite inhibitive considering chess can be a timely match. For $1.99 the premium version of “Chess” is available, and it is worth every dime. […]

IMPULSIVE REVIEW of the Game “Boxed In”

Must…get…out…of…the…ROOM! For an addictive addition to the iPhone look no further than the “Boxed In” App. This application is free on the iPhone, is one of the simplest 2-D games available, and it is one of the most fun. Based around the ancient computer game Sokoban, which was allegedly written in Sanskrit, this newer puzzle […]


Sensationally sexy, Ms. PAC-MAN! The application “Ms. PAC-MAN” is one of those rare addictive and insatiable games that are offered on the iPhone, and worth paying for. For $2.99, the full version App is available, and highly recommended. Although there is a “Lite” version of “Ms. PAC-MAN” available to download on the iPhone for free, […]

Doodle Jump – The Most Addictive iPhone Game Yet

iPhone developer Lima Sky has created a certifiable addiction with their game “Doodle Jump”. This simple to learn, extremely hard to master, game looks like doodles drawn on grid paper. Your little alien looking doodle jumps every time it touches one of the green or blue platforms in the game. Your goal is to jump […]

Retro Gaming – QUAKE for Mac

Wolfenstein 3D for iPhone put me in the mood for some classic FPS gaming – and, for me, it doesn’t get any better than Quake. For those of you that may not be familiar with it, Quake was the 3rd FPS franchise created by ID Software. First there was Wolfenstein 3D, then the DOOM series, […]