8 Fresh Uses for Your Old iPhone

So your contract is up and you’re ready to buy a shiny, new iPhone, but your current iPhone still works fine, it’s just not new. Most of us toss our old iPhones in a drawer in case our new one meets an untimely death and we need a backup, but we rarely use them, so […]

These Wooden Apple Accessories by Nordic Appeal Will Make You Look Twice

And they just might make you the object of envy of your coworkers, as well! Nordic Appeal is a Danish design company, which has the mantra “comfort and sustainable design”, and  even if you don’t buy into the sustainable trend, the wooden Apple accessories that this company has made will appeal to your sense of […]

New iWatch Concept Goes Round

We’ve seen quite some creative iWatch concepts, and not too long ago, we featured Todd Hamilton’s iWatch concept, which I said you’ll want to wear – especially if you’re into that fitness band look. Today, I ran into another iWatch concept which takes a different approach. Instead of going sleek, slim, and rectangularish, designer Tomás […]

Steve Jobs Makes the American Cool Exhibit at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery

You either love Steve Jobs, or you hate him; both with a passion. I suppose though, that love or hate him, one can hardly deny that he is one cool guy – at least in terms of what he has brought to the world of consumer technology. Personality aside, Steve Jobs made a contribution that […]

This iPhone Air Concept Just Might Get Jony Ive’s Approval

While “might” is the operative word here, it is hard to deny the beauty of of this iPhone 6 concept, which may very we’ll be called the iPhone Air. There certainly has been no lack of wants, requests, demands, speculation, and concepts when it comes to the next generation iPhone, but this iPhone Air concept […]