Gifts for App Addicts

Looking for that perfect gift? If someone in your life has an addiction to iPhone or iPad apps, here are some real-world goodies that ought to tickle their fancy.

EXCLUSIVE: MacKeeper Says “Unethical Competitor Trying to Tarnish Our Reputation”

In April of last year, Apple Gazette published a review of a very popular piece of software called MacKeeper. Currently, there are over 80 reader comments on that review — most of which are extremely negative. Yet MacKeeper is a well-reviewed piece of software, with universally positive marks. So what’s going on here?

Put Your Apple or Tech Blog on BlogSearchEngine

Despite appearances, blogging ain’t easy. It takes long hours, commitment to timeliness and deadlines, tremendous self-discipline, and masterful marketing. Our sister site, BlogSearchEngine, has been redesigned and relaunched, and is ready to take one of those responsibilities off your shoulders.

The Family Tree of Steve Jobs

[Updated December 17, 2014] When a person with as big an impact on the world as Steve Jobs dies, you can’t help wondering about the legacy he left behind. Obituaries always tell you that the deceased is “survived by” his or her loved ones. So just who are the people Steve Jobs left behind?