Introducing: This Week on Kickstarter

Welcome to the inaugural edition of a new weekly column that we’re calling “This Week on Kickstarter”! Each week, we’ll take a look at the latest Apple-friendly gadgets on Kickstarter and highlight the ones we think are most worthy of your support. Think of it as a Cliff’s Notes for Apple-y Kickstarter projects.

How An App Is Made

Have you ever wondered how apps get made? How they’re dreamed up, designed, coded, and made to work? How apps are submitted to the App Store, and how they get approved (or denied)? In this exclusive, multi-part series, we’re going to follow one app’s development from idea to “on sale,” and find out exactly how […]

Review: Freedom Expression Keyboard for iPad

I’m becoming increasingly convinced that as mobile users move away from laptops in favor of iPads, keyboards are going to be the most indispensable tablet accessory. So Apple Gazette is taking a look at a wide variety of iPad-compatible keyboards — wireless, compact, Bluetooth-enabled — so you can pick the one that’s right for you.