Honda Jumps the Gun on Apple’s iOS in the Car with HondaLink

Apple’s iOS in the Car program has been getting a lot of attention, especially with it not exactly being kept secret. Indeed, Apple teases us with “Best passenger ever”, and information like: “iOS in the Car seamlessly integrates your iOS device — and the iOS experience — with your in-dash system. If your vehicle is […]

5 ways to customize Apple Mail and make it great.

One of the best things about OS X is the fact that software that costs hundreds of dollars on other platforms comes included with the OS. Apps like Calendar, Contacts, and Mail are robust and fully featured; giving the Mac a definite advantage in this category. While these apps are great, who doesn’t like making […]

Controllers For All Allows You to Play iOS Games Using Your DualShock 3 Controller!

Steve Jobs may not have thought of the iPhone or iPad as the ultimate mobile gaming device, but you wouldn’t be far off the target if you thought that! Think about it – how often do you play games on your iPhone or iPad? From two-year-old kids to 60-year-old grandparents, these mobile devices have opened […]

5 Apps to Boost Your Productivity

Productivity is such an overused word, but it does play an integral role in bringing the bacon home. While some people may be able to manipulate their work circumstances so they get paid without producing anything, online workers usually do not have that luxury. It’s all about production and performance. Otherwise, one will have a […]

5 iPhone Apps for Charity That Make the World a Better Place

Technology is continually creating new features and applications for smart devices. From travel apps to health apps, the selection is practically endless. But perhaps the most appealing are iPhone apps for charity. There are five outstanding apps for the iPhone whose primary purpose is to make the world a much better place. Here they are. […]