5 Apps to Boost Your Productivity

Productivity is such an overused word, but it does play an integral role in bringing the bacon home. While some people may be able to manipulate their work circumstances so they get paid without producing anything, online workers usually do not have that luxury. It’s all about production and performance. Otherwise, one will have a […]

5 iPhone Apps for Charity That Make the World a Better Place

Technology is continually creating new features and applications for smart devices. From travel apps to health apps, the selection is practically endless. But perhaps the most appealing are iPhone apps for charity. There are five outstanding apps for the iPhone whose primary purpose is to make the world a much better place. Here they are. […]

Apple might make Garageband a freemium standard

Apple might make Garageband a freemium standard (via The Inquirer) GADGET DESIGNER Apple might be making its Garageband app available by default on iOS. Mac site Macrumours noticed the change to Apple’s list of built-in apps for the iPhone 5S and was first to spot Garageband. “Garageband is free on the App Store for…

Apps Which Pay You!

How much money do you spend on apps? Take a look at your purchased apps, and maybe you’ll have an idea of just how much you’ve spent over the years. I’ve actually heard people say that they can’t imagine ditching iOS simply because of the amount they have invested in apps. To be honest, I […]