AppleTV – but not iTunes – now in Korea

So…even though there is no iTunes store for Korea, Apple has released the AppleTV into the Korean market according to Infinite Loop.  Now the obviously question here is…huh? Why would they do that? There are two schools of thought on it. 1) Apple is planning to launch a Korean iTunes store soon. 2) Piracy is […]

Forget Roxio Crunch – Get Visual Hub for HALF the Price

I read a lot of blogs (especially Apple related ones), and everyone seems to be into promoting Roxio Crunch today. It’s great that Roxio Crunch exists. I’m sure it will be awesome for some people, but why on earth would you pay $49.95 (there is a limited time introductory price of $39.95 right now) when […]

30 Days of AppleTV – Table of Contents

For the past 30 Days I have used the AppleTV as a replacement for cable. Each day a different topic was discussed, as the device went from “new cool thing” to thing that I’ve had for a little while. With the conclusion of the 30 days of coverage, I have indexed all of the posts […]

Vudu to take on AppleTV

I just posted about this little device on Forever Geek, but I think it’s worth mentioning here too. Vudu is coming this summer, and it could be a major contender for AppleTV. It is being developed by former Apple employee (and founder of WAP – so that him for being able to browse the web […]

30 Days of AppleTV – Day 30

Well, this is it. After 30 days of using the AppleTV I think I can say with confidence exactly what I think about the device from just about every angle. The AppleTV is a great little device, but (right now, at least) it’s not going to be for everyone…and there are very few people that […]

30 Days of AppleTV – Day 29

Ok, so today is the day we take a look at the numbers, and see if I spent more money in iTunes than I would have with cable and buying DVDs. Now, the first thing that I think I should mention, is that I didn’t buy as much TV as I thought I would. In […]

Apple to Add Additional iPhone and AppleTV features for Free

Apple Insider has the report, but the information comes from the conference call yesterday concerning Apple’s second quarter financial results. Basically, Apple is going to be adding additional features to both the AppleTV and the iPhone over time…and these features will be free. Including some entirely new applications for the iPhone. What kind of additional […]

30 Days of AppleTV – Day 28

So, that Harmony Remote issue…you guys were ON that. Thanks to everyone for their comments, and Mark especially for his Living with Mac screencast that really spelled everything out. I just followed it, and had the thing set up in a snap. Check it out here. In tomorrow’s post we’re going to go over the […]

30 Days of AppleTV – Day 27

I don’t have a very complicated home set up anymore. It’s just the AppleTV, a DVD player, a VCR, an Xbox360 and a Wii. Now, I say that’s not complicated, because I can operate almost all of it with one remote. My Logitech Harmony 520. I love my Harmony remote, and have really gotten used […]

New HandBrake released with AppleTV Support!

Griffith over at Forever Geek pointed me towards the latest release of Handbrake which is now not only multi-platform, but also features AppleTV Support! I will be trying the software out tonight for a 30 Days of AppleTV post, and I’ll let you know what kind of luck I have with conversion times, but for […]