Netflix coming to Mac in 2008

Steve, the developer of Netflix’s download service, gave Gizmodo some explanations about the selection of movies on the service, the reason for a lack of Mac support and so on… Basically Mac support is coming in 2008, and isn’t already here because Apple doesn’t license its DRM. (Of course, if you have Parallels or Fusion, […]

What if I don’t want YouTube on my iPhone?

You remember that mysterious application that everyone was sure was on the iPhone, but no one knew just what it was? Turns out it’s YouTube. As of today, YouTube is now live on your AppleTV, a software update is available that will not only allow you to access the content of YouTube on your AppleTV, […]

YouTube coming to AppleTV + 160gb model for $399

In what is the first of many additions to the AppleTV offering (that’s an assumption on my part, folks) Apple today announced a partnership with YouTube. I could reword the press release…but why? Here it is… Apple® today announced that it’s bringing the Internet’s most popular originally-created content from YouTube to the living room with […]

AppleTV Plugin Dev Kit Released

If you’re interested in developing plugins for the AppleTV, you’re going to want to check out the Backrow Developer’s Kit.  The kit, as I understand it, includes everything you’ll need to develope a variety of plugins for the AppleTV. We’ve already seen several examples of these on the web, but not, thanks to avid AppleTV […]

AppleTV – but not iTunes – now in Korea

So…even though there is no iTunes store for Korea, Apple has released the AppleTV into the Korean market according to Infinite Loop.  Now the obviously question here is…huh? Why would they do that? There are two schools of thought on it. 1) Apple is planning to launch a Korean iTunes store soon. 2) Piracy is […]

Forget Roxio Crunch – Get Visual Hub for HALF the Price

I read a lot of blogs (especially Apple related ones), and everyone seems to be into promoting Roxio Crunch today. It’s great that Roxio Crunch exists. I’m sure it will be awesome for some people, but why on earth would you pay $49.95 (there is a limited time introductory price of $39.95 right now) when […]