AppleTV Take 2 – now available for download

The delayed update to AppleTV has officially been released, and you can download it now by going into your AppleTV settings tab and selecting “Update Software”. The eagerly anticipated update includes HD iTunes movie rentals, access to the iTunes audio, video, and podcasting stores, and syncing with .Mac and Flickr accounts. You can find my […]

How the iTunes Rental model has to change to succeed

With Apple’s delay of the AppleTV update, I’m stuck watching this copy of “The Simpsons Movie” on my wife’s iPhone if I want to actually watch the thing. This experience with the iTunes rental process has made it very clear to me that if Apple is going to succeed with this they’re going to have […]

AppleTV update delayed, Macbook Air now shipping

In what is seemingly turning into a tradition for the AppleTV, the software behind the device is delaying it once again. You may remember last year during the “Take One” phase of AppleTV that the device was slightly delayed after it’s Macworld unveiling, with the device shipping on the last day of February, and not […]

Apple posts AppleTV Guided Tour

After I managed to regain consciousness from my over-the-counter cold/allergy/sinus drug induced semi-coma, I noticed a new guided tour on Apple’s official site. This time it’s a guided tour for the new features of the all-new AppleTV. You can click here to take a look at it. REMINDER – to those of you that have […]

Some facts about HD in iTunes

Well we finally got HD in iTunes today, but there are a few catches. 1. 720p Only – It’s HD, but it’s not 1080p, just in case some of your were wondering. Of course the video should still look significantly better than its SD counterpart, but just keep in mind that’ it’s not technically “full […]

Has Apple forgotten about the AppleTV?

I have a lot of Apple devices in the house. Several iPods, a few iPhones, and a desktop and notebook Mac. Each of them has been recently updated by Apple in one way or another…be it bug fixes or even a brand new OS. All of them…except that one, thin (extremely warm) little box that […]