Oh NBC, why must you keep stirring things up?

So NBC is back in iTunes. That must mean all is well with the two companies, correct? Well…maybe…but it doesn’t stop them from trying to convince the press that the other actually caved to make the deal possible. NBC is saying that Apple made concessions to get them back in the store. The problem with […]

Roku introduces Netflix powered $100 AppleTV rival

Roku today has released an AppleTV rival device in their Netflix Player. This small box that is only slightly smaller than a Mac Mini can play any of the over 10,000 titles in the Netflix “watch instanly” library. Almost any of the Netflix subscription plans allow for unlimited use of the “watch instantly” feature, while […]

I can’t buy movies on my AppleTV…can you?

I just updated my AppleTV after receiving an email that suggested that the AppleTV might have added HD movie downloads. Not seeing it online anywhere else, I thought that perhaps it was merely a reference to HD rentals on the AppleTV…and it probably is….but now that I’ve looked closer at my AppleTV I’ve noticed that […]

Apple Patent suggests Wii-style remote for AppleTV

A patent application has fueled the speculation fires that Apple may create a “wiimote” styled remote for the AppleTV. While patents certainly don’t mean that something is truly going to see the light of day, this one would be most welcome, in my opinion. One of the biggest limitations of the AppleTV is the clunky […]

Now purchase movies directly from AppleTV

Apple has updated the AppleTV software to now include a feature that shows movies that are available for purchase via a “Buy” button. After a feature is purchased your AppleTV will sync back up with iTunes moving the film into your iTunes library for viewing on your PC, Mac, iPod or iPhone. Now, if only […]