Video: Apple TV Interface

I’m very excited about the Apple TV. As I’ve stated several times, I’m dumping my cable when the Apple TV ships, and I’m going to blog about the experience over the first 30 days to share with you the ups and downs of doing this. After 30 days, I may want to go back to […]

SPECULATION: Netflix and HD coming to iTunes 7.1?

There were rumors abound before Macworld that Apple was going to partner with Netflix to deliver downloadable movie rentals from iTunes.  We heard no such announcement at Macworld. Today, however, Netlflix did launch a new “instant watch” service that allows members of Netflix to watch select titles instantly.  It’s Windows only, and will be slowly […]

tv: 5 Reasons to Dump your Cable and DVDs

I wrote very briefly about my plans to do this last week…to interesting responses. So I decided to go into why I think this is a good idea in a little more detail. Before I start…I want to say a little something about tv. This device is not for hackers, techies, and super-geeks…it’s for iPod […]

AppleTV vs. Cable – Why I’m dumping Cable in February

Cable is expensive…and it’s getting more expensive all the time. With Apple TV coming in February, I’m going to be dropping my cable provider, and switching my television over to Apple’s new set top box. Will it be cheaper to buy my content through iTunes than to subscribe to my local company’s digital cable package […]

XtremeMac debuts AppleTV Product Line

Press Release: XtremeMac introduced a line of home audio and video cables today, developed to complement Apple Computer’s new Apple TV. The XtremeHD product line delivers high-end audio and video cables, and a four-port HDMI switcher at prices far below industry average. The XtremeHD product line offers the cables necessary for consumers to integrate Apple […]

Slingmedia’s Slingcatcher sounds alot like iTV

Engadget has posted some interesting info about Slingmedia’s latest product, which is being unveiled at CES. The device is called a SlingCatcher, and it is about half the size of a Slingbox Tuner and includes S-Video, Component, HDMI, a couple USB ports and integrated WiFi. The device also has an optional hard drive that will […]

iTV set to launch AFTER Macworld?

Well, it’s that time of year again, folks.  You can pretty much rule out anything but Macworld speculation between now and the big day.  Today’s bit comes from AppleInsider, who has an extensive article about what we know about Apple’s iTV so far…which isn’t much. The article speculates on what the iTV will do based […]

Should Apple enter the Video Game Market?

MacRumors has a follow-up post to their previous post about Apple entering the video game market.  This time they are claiming that it’s going to happen in late 2007. I can’t imagine this actually happening, and I have to call BS on these rumors.  Beyond the fact that the sources aren’t very credible (which is […]