Briefly: Apple TV Start-up Video Stills

The designers of the Apple TV start-up video have posted some stills of what to expect according to MacRumors. There is still no official word on the exact ship date for the AppleTV, but as I stated in this week’s edition of the Apple Gazette Weekly podcast, my money is on Feb. 28th. You can […]

Apple is Recruiting Game Designers

According to MaCNN Apple is recruiting students from the Savannah College of Art and Design for advanced graphics artists.  The article states that students are recieving an email from a recruiter looking for game developers for Apple to create “high quality 3D and 2D art for games. The message does not say what platform these […]

Apple Denies Apple TV Delay

A spokesperson for Apple told Vnunet yesterday that, “We’re still planning to release Apple TV in February, as announced” The article goes on to day that an Apple Sales Rep named Derek stated that the product would ship in Feb, but it might be March before the deliveries reached buyers doorstep. It’s a pretty safe […]

Games coming to AppleTV

Since the AppleTV was first announced back in September, we wondered if we were going to be able to play the games we can play on the iPod on AppleTV.  When the system was unveiled at Macworld this year, the company website makes it clear that the current iPod games will not play on the […]

5 Things AppleTV needs to match Amazon Unbox+Tivo

So that whole Amazon Unbox/Tivo deal is something else, huh?  When Unbox first launched the entire web met it with a resounding “eh”, but this new alliance with Tivo has suddenly made Unbox a very serious player in the digital content world, and has provided a much needed solution to downloading digital content and playing […]

Star Trek Enterprise is now Available in the iTune Store

Everyone’s least favorite Star Trek show is now available for download in the iTunes store. Currently, the first season of the show is the only one available, but hopefully additional seasons will become downloadable soon. The 4th season of the show was undoubtedly the best, and I look forward to purchasing it. Being a Star […]

Video: Apple TV Interface

I’m very excited about the Apple TV. As I’ve stated several times, I’m dumping my cable when the Apple TV ships, and I’m going to blog about the experience over the first 30 days to share with you the ups and downs of doing this. After 30 days, I may want to go back to […]

SPECULATION: Netflix and HD coming to iTunes 7.1?

There were rumors abound before Macworld that Apple was going to partner with Netflix to deliver downloadable movie rentals from iTunes.  We heard no such announcement at Macworld. Today, however, Netlflix did launch a new “instant watch” service that allows members of Netflix to watch select titles instantly.  It’s Windows only, and will be slowly […]

tv: 5 Reasons to Dump your Cable and DVDs

I wrote very briefly about my plans to do this last week…to interesting responses. So I decided to go into why I think this is a good idea in a little more detail. Before I start…I want to say a little something about tv. This device is not for hackers, techies, and super-geeks…it’s for iPod […]