3 Reasons Apple Killed its HDTV

For years we’ve been hearing rumors that Apple was preparing to release an HDTV. Industry insiders and analysts often claimed that it would be coming soon, and that it would change the way that we watched television forever. But as the years passed, and no such product was ever revealed, those rumors seemed more and […]

How the Apple TV is Becoming More Important for Apple

Back in 2007, while speaking at the All Things Digital conference, Steve Jobs famously referred to the Apple TV as a “hobby.” At the time, Apple’s ambitions were clearly focused elsewhere as the company set its sights on selling more Macintosh computers, growing its music business, and making its first foray into the mobile phone market. […]

What to Expect from Apple’s Thursday Event

By now, I’m sure everyone knows that Apple is holding yet another event this Thursday, October 16. Invites were sent out to the media last week with a cryptic tagline of “It’s been way too long” emblazoned across the top. Considering it has only been a little over a month since the iPhone 6 was […]

If the iTunes Store Were to Become Netflix, Would the Apple TV Be a Win?

That’s what Dave Smith of readwrite thinks. In an opinion piece published yesterday, the writer emphasized that “Apple needs to take a page from a different pioneer in order to offer something truly different.“ Source And that’s the crux of the matter, isn’t it? Apple making something truly different. This is the company that revolves […]