YouTube Find: through the years

One of the first articles I posted on Apple Gazette was a look back at 10 years of Some clever fellow has taken a collection of images from Flickr covering the entire history of the domain and spliced it into a video. I hate that its not the entire site design, just a […]

Big Surprise…The Apple Store is DOWN!

No wait…that’s not a big surprise…in fact, that’s the biggest UNsurprise of the year. 😛 As you would expect, the Apple Store is down, waiting for all the new goodies that our old buddy Steve is going to have waiting for us after the Keynote. Speaking of the Keynote, live coverage begins in just over […]

New iPhone Ads on

Yup, it’s turning out to be “Apple Ad Thursday” here on Apple Gazette. Apple has posted 3 additional ads on their site in the “switch” vein for the iPhone. This time the topics covered include checking weather to stop a flight delay, mobile blogging (which I still haven’t been able to do effectively with the […]

All 300+ Leopard Features on one page

Apple has a page on their official site now that covers every single one of the 300+ new innovations of OSX Leopard. The page reveals some new .Mac syncing such as the Dock and the Dashboard, tabbed chat in iChat, photo browsing in Mail, video recording in Photobooth, multi-page PDF creation in Preview…and literally hundreds […]

Apple wants your iPhone Story

Do you have an interesting iPhone Story? If so, Apple wants to know about it. You can click here to go to the official form, or you can just call 1-800-764-9941 and leave a voicemail. No doubt, this will play into a future marketing campaign for the iPhone.

New iPhone Ads on

There is a new round of iPhone ads running on TV and on Since AppleTV is my TV these days, I haven’t seen a commercial in a very long time, so if I’m late with this I apologize, but I believe at least a few of these have just started running. The four ads […] Update – iPhone Quicktours

Apple has updated it’s official site with Quick Tours that cover all the features of the iPhone and how they work – including the YouTube application. These Quick Tours really give you an idea of how the iPhone is going to work, and remind me that – even though I’m a little miffed about the […]