Sonos “ZonePlayer S5” IMPULSIVE REVIEW

The revolutionary sound system has arrived! It has a name, it has a subwoofer, it has tweeters, it has wireless-integrated technology, it has superior sound, it has pure qualitative quality: it is the Sonos “ZonePlayer S5” music system. In an age that has adopted digital music, the Sonos “ZonePlayer S5” cannot be overlooked, or go […]

Get “Boxed In 2” an IMPULSIVE REVIEW

Pick up an iPhone and get “Boxed In 2” for just $.99. The full version of the “Boxed In” sequel is packed to the gills with 50 more levels of box-moving madness! Soon to be a #1 seller in Apple’s App Store, “Boxed In 2” is an amazing array of everyone’s favorite box-moving robot at […]


The Mars Odyssey has been exploring the red planet for 3129 Days, 05 Hours, 57 Minutes, 28 Seconds…30 seconds…32 seconds. On the “NASA” App, one can easily view an in-depth description of the orbiter that is part of a “long-term effort of robotic exploration.” In the free “NASA” application, the NASA program powers an iPhone-sized […]


Turn your iPhone sideways and peel out! The 2010 Real Racing Game, “R. Racing GT” gives the player a graphically spectacular experience. The free version of the application provides a limited array of vehicles to start, VW hatchbacks, but the detail of the cars and the tracks is breathtaking. The game is played with the […]

“Truth or Dare” IMPULSIVE REVIEW of Application

When Apple said there was an App for everything, did they mean it? Look at the “Truth or Dare” application, and think on it. The “Truth or Dare” App for the iPhone is exactly what the name suggests, a Truth or Dare game. Download the free version, or splurge $1.99 on an 18+ (ages) version, […]

Apple Corrects their Form 10-Q

Apple isn’t typically one to admit a mistake, but when it comes to their Form 10-Q, they don’t really have a choice. Apple issued a press release this morning stating that they have filed an amendment to correct the Form 10-Q they submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday. The filing last week […]

Apple Tops 1 Billion iPhone App Downloads

It’s amazing that there have been 1 Billion iPhone App Downloads since the store launched last year. I’m proud that iVerse has contributed a million downloads to that 1 Billion total, and at the rate things seem to be growing with the App Store, I cannot wait see where they go from here. It’s a […]

Apple DOUBLES Xserve Performance with Latest Update

Apple issued a press release early this morning announcing that an update to Xserve is now available that delivers “up to twice” the performance of the previous system. Using Intel “Nehalem” Xeon processors and a next generation system architecture, the 1U rack-optimized Xserve delivers up to an 89 percent improvement in performance per watt.** Xserve […]