Fire strikes Apple’s Cupertino campus

Late Tuesday night fire struck the Cupertino California campus of Apple, Inc. The fire was first reported by Apple employees around 10PM Pacific Time. The flames erupted at Valley Green Six, 20605 Valley Green Drive, and produced a heavy amount of smoke. The blaze eventually earned 3-alarm status and more than 60 firefighters, some from […]

FLASHBACK: Apple Logo Shoes

It’s been a while since we’ve done a flashback (there’s only so much Apple History to cover after all), but while I was looking for an image of Apple HQ this morning, I stumbled across these wonderful Apple Shoes. These sneakers were given to Apple employees in the 1990s (during the time period before Steve […]

Apple completes MobileMe mail restoration

Another update on the Apple MobileMe Status blog informs us that Apple has completely repaired the mail service which was unaccessible by 1% of registered users on and off for the last week or two. If there are MobileMe users that are still experiencing Mail problems, Apple has launched a dedicated chat line for this […]