Apple is offering the Mini Display Port spec license for free

One of the biggest changes when Apple released the new Cinema Display earlier this year, was the Mini Display Port. This is an Apple-designed min-version of the VESA-approved Display Port, and Apple – apparently – want to make it a standard. As such, they are offering no-fee licenses to any company interested in producing products […]

The Simpsons visit a “Mapple” Store (w/Video)

Last night “The Simpsons” paid a visit to the “Mapple” store, with a pretty darn funny send up of die hard Apple fanboys. I’m sure that the hardest of the hardcore will be upset by the outdated numbering of the operating system that Comic Book Guy mentions, or with the reference that Steve Jobs was […]

POLL: What is the BEST Apple Product of 2008?

Sure, we still have a little over a month to go before the end of the year, but it’s safe to say that Apple is done offering up new products in 2008. Looking back on the developments of the year, there are some pretty impressive things that have come out of 2008 in regards to […]

Apple authorizes MMS on iPhone…in Sweden

According to Apple Insider Apple has given the go-ahead to a regional wireless partner (Telia) to develop its own MMS application for the iPhone. MMS messaging is something that many people all over the world have requested for their iPhones because it is a feature that is available on almost all modern cell phones – […]

Court dismisses Psystar’s antitrust claim against Apple

A federal judge has tossed out the antitrust lawsuit against Apple that was filed by “hackentosh” maker Psystar earlier this year. The lawsuit was seen by many as Psystar’s best chance of remaining in business. Judge William Alsup of the U.S. Federal Court for the North District of California rejected Psystar’s argument that Apple was […]

Apple Gazette Daily 382 – The App Store Rant

podcast sponsor link:Click Here to check out Audible! Today’s Show: Google’s Voice Search App and a Rant about the App Store You can subscribe via iTunes, or by RSS feed, or… you can listen to the episode right here: right here In addition to that, you can also download the Apple Gazette Daily Widget and […]