Apple is developing a 3D Mac UI

Apple Insider has an extensive look at an Apple patent filing that could point to some interesting innovations for future versions of the Apple OS. The drawings showcase some innovative ways that Apple could implement a 3D desktop environment on the desktop. Instead of a two dimensional interface that we have now we could see […]

Psystar tries a new angle in their case against Apple

The Psystar/Apple mess continues, now that Psystar has revised its argument against Apple. The Mac-clone maker is no longer claiming antitrust (since the judge already smacked that down) and is now focusing on copyright. Specifically, Psystar is alleging that Apple is guilty of copyright misuse in regards to the OSX EULA and the DMCA. They […]

Apple suspects Psystar is part of a Larger Conspiracy

Groklaw has taken a closer look at the amended Apple lawsuit against Psystar, and things are getting very, very interesting in this case. Not only does Apple assert that Psystar has violated the DMCA, it goes further to accuse the company of pushing buyers to commit copyright infringement (and also violate the DMCA) by using […]

Apple removes Anti-Virus Support page

Yesterday a variety of sites posted about Apple’s support page that “encouraged” users to install anti-virus software on their Macs. After it was discovered that the article had actually been up for an extended period of time, Apple removed it, saying that it was “old and inaccurate”. “We have removed the KnowledgeBase article because it […]

Apple now recommends “Anti-Virus” software for Mac

Well, we all knew it was going to happen sometime… Apple, after years and years of jabbing Microsoft about the need for virus protection, has very quietly posted an article in their knowledge base, suggesting that it might be a good idea to have anti-virus software on your Mac. Apple currently recommends Intego’s VirusBarrier X5, […]

Apple is offering the Mini Display Port spec license for free

One of the biggest changes when Apple released the new Cinema Display earlier this year, was the Mini Display Port. This is an Apple-designed min-version of the VESA-approved Display Port, and Apple – apparently – want to make it a standard. As such, they are offering no-fee licenses to any company interested in producing products […]