Apple R&D Budget Suggests Something Big is in the Works

Apple is a company that is know for keeping well guarded secrets. This is particularly true when it is working on a new product that hasn’t even been announced yet. Sure, there are occasionally leaks about upcoming gadgets that make their way out to the press via the supply chain, but those typically don’t occur […]

10 Things Apple Could Do With Its $178 Billion Cash Reserves

One of the more astounding revelations to come out of Apple’s announcement of its recent financial results is that the company now has more than $178 billion in cash on hand. That is an amazing amount of money that will probably be used for future acquisitions, research and development, and other projects such as building […]

Norman Foster Talks More About Apple’s Spaceship Campus

When Apple’s “spaceship campus” first came to light, we all got excited about it – and for good reason. If you’ve  seen Robin’s awesome gallery of detailed renders and plans of the campus, then you’ll know very well how unique and groundbreaking it is. Very Apple-like. Recently, more details about the new campus were revealed […]