ReSound LiNX: The First Made For iPhone Hearing Aid Doubles as Headset

MFi (Made For iPhone) is a licensing program that gives developers and manufacturers the authority to create accessories that are officially for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. This program gives access to hardware, tools, documentation, technical support, and of course, the certification logo. We’ve seen some really cool MFi accessories in the market, but the […]

MOGA Ace Power iOS 7 Game Controller at 20% Off

Has your iPhone (or iPod Touch) become your primary gaming device? If so, then you probably want a game controller not unlike those that accompany consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation. Of course, the gaming experience is still totally different, but a controller does elevate the gaming experience, especially for specific games. Here’s some […]

Want NFC on Your iPhone? Get Incipio Cashwrap Case!

NFC, or Near Field Communications, is a contactless technology used on mobile gadgets so that they can communicate with other electronic devices. Last year, the hype surrounding NFC was high, especially with Samsung integrating the technology in their phones. Apple has not made any moves toward using NFC on the iPhones, and that has led […]

Review: Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad

An iPad keyboard case shaped like a MacBook “clamshell” might just be the holy grail of iPad accessories. A Kickstarter campaign last year famously made this idea a reality. Since then, MacBook clamshell cases have popped up in the catalogs of several accessory makers.

Review: Freedom Expression Keyboard for iPad

I’m becoming increasingly convinced that as mobile users move away from laptops in favor of iPads, keyboards are going to be the most indispensable tablet accessory. So Apple Gazette is taking a look at a wide variety of iPad-compatible keyboards — wireless, compact, Bluetooth-enabled — so you can pick the one that’s right for you.