Bootcamp Beta no longer Available for Download (Publically, anyway)


If you haven’t downloaded the Bootcamp Beta yet – then you’re out of luck. no longer takes you to a Beta download page, now it simply redirects you to the Leopard Bootcamp feature page.

Don’t worry though, your Windows partition isn’t about to stop working, the only thing that’s going to expire is the Bootcamp utility to make partitians…and even that’s not going to expire until the end of the year.

UPDATE: Doug writes in to tell us that that the direct link to the bootcamp beta still works…for now.


  1. Andrej Arbet says:

    i will xp on my mac

  2. Andrej Arbet says:

    i need xp on mac

  3. yigit torun says:

    boot camp

  4. Does this mean i can’t download an old version and run it in 2008 on my tiger OSX?

  5. i havent downloaded boot camp n i need it any one know where to get it

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