The iPad 2 Takes On Consoles

During the iPad 2‘s debut, Apple took every opportunity to promote its powerful graphics engine and 1080p output capability. Developers are updating their Apps to take advantage of the iPad’s faster hardware and already we’re seeing Apps that put the tablet in console gaming territory. Real Racing 2 HD is one of the latest Apps […]

Apple Gazette Giveaway: Five Free Subscriptions To YouMail For The iPhone

Apple Gazette has five (5) 1-year subscriptions to YouMail’s awesome voicemail transcription service which is valued at $100 annually. The rules are similar to our previous SugarSync subscription giveaway. YouMail recently updated its iOS App with a new user interface and features. The service focuses on transcribing your voicemails and making them available on your […]

The Future Of iOS: AirPlay Everywhere

Apple may have big plans for AirPlay this year: making it available everywhere. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple may be licensing AirPlay to third parties. Right now device makers pay $4 per audio device for AirPlay support. That could change when Apple licenses AirPlay on a much larger scale. It seems like a natural […]

Why Web Apps Aren’t Fast In iOS 4.3: Security

One of the most anticipated features in iOS 4.3 is Safari’s new Nitro JavaScript engine which gives web Apps massive performance gains. However, some criticized Apple for delegating which Apps can access the faster engine and are blaming the decision on a marketing ploy to drive App Store sales. This couldn’t be farther from the […]

Why The iPad Is Great (According To Apple) – It’s The Competition!

Apple didn’t miss any opportunity to take a pot shot at the iPad’s competitors pointing out their low sales, small number of third party Apps and their reluctance to leave “The PC era.” Steve Jobs’ speech revealed part of what makes the iPad great: the competition. Low Sales, Low App Numbers, Low Everything Before the […]